Grønland Kammermusikkfestival no.3

[Greenland Chamber Music Festival No. 3]
3-5 June 2011

Ny Musikk, Platousgate 18, 0190 Oslo

Labanna Bly, live performance
Kristin Norderval: Live Jukebox, ”The Sounds of New York”
Kerry YongCover me Cage
Sonata 5, 6 & 7 from Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano
And The Earth Will Bear Again
Kenneth KarlssonElisabeth Holmertz, harmonium and voice:
Laurence Crane: The Swim
Bob Dylan: Blowing in the wind
Josephine Foster: My life has stood a loaded gun
Klaus Lang: Das kaum wahrnehmbare Lächeln Dostojewskis

Psychedelic Wanderings in Grønland, 4 June, 13:00-14:30


13:00 Ny Musikk, Platousgate 18:

Tomutonttu: miniatyr

Anders Førisdal: Klaus K. Hübler: Reisswerk for solo guitar

Kim Myhr: solo guitar improvisation

Kerry Yong, keyboard: Terry Riley: A rainbow in curved air

ca 1330 Interkulturelt Museum:

Kerry Yong: piano – pieces by Claude Debussy
Six épigraphes antiques (1914)
L'isle Joyeuse (1904)

ca 1400 Goethe-institut:

Tomutonttu 25 minute set

Dramatikkens Hus, Tøyenbekken 34, Oslo, 4 June, 19:30


Kerry Yong: Cover me Cage
Our Spring Will Come Again
Music for Marcel Duchamp

Jon Øystein Flink

Lasse Marhaug and Sindre Bjerga duo