Composition (by date)

Covering Letter Songs (2016) for voice, violin, cello, bass guitar, drum kit & piano/synthesizer
ppp: Performance Piece for Pentecost (May 2016) performers using spoken words and optional candles
Stairs (Sep 2016) Sound installation with artist Dan Curtis. Music: arrangement of Ockeghem Deo gratias
All Saints Roll Call (Oct 2016) for 1-4 spoken voices and electronic sounds or organ
Charlie Alpha Bravo (Oct 2016) for solo violin
CFIJI (Nov 2016) for many performers, voices and objects
Arthur Russell: Fragments from Tower of Meaning arr. fl(p).afl.perc.pno.synth.vln.vlc
Veni Veni Immanuel 8 (Dec 2016) for desk bell, pitched cymbals and electronic sounds

Preces & Responses (Jan 2015) for SATB and organ (successful LFCCM Call for Scores)
Improvisation on Caswell (Feb 2015) for any number of instruments
Road to Jerusalem (Mar 2015) for solo piano
Reflective stuff (July 2015) for 3 or more instruments
Twelve multicoloured vessels (Oct 2015) for 4 performers using 12 resonant vessels
Veni Veni Immanuel 7 (Nov 2015) for clarinet, glock and 2 violins

14 + 14 +14 (May 2014) for solo piano
Benedictus benedicat (May 2014) for indeterminate number and type of voices
Joseph of Nazareth, Dream (May 2014) for glockenspiel, clarinet, electric guitar and piano
WHITenoiseSUNDAY 2 (June 2014) for 4 performers (voices)
‘Qautamat niqiksattinnik tunisivigitigut’ from Pater Naseros (June 2014) for vocal ensemble (SSAATTBB)
‘Kraton Paduka mugi rawuh’ from Pater Naseros (November 2014) for vocal ensemble (SSATBarB)
Veni Veni Immanuel 6 (Nov 2014) for 2 clarinets, trumpet, trombone, 2 violins, cello & double bass (or organ)

Rising canon (January 2013) for piano, 8 hands
WHITenoiseSUNDAY 1 (May 2013) for 4 performers (voices & white-noise appliances/objects)
ABGD (July 2013) for glockenspiel, desk bell, clarinet and piano
Light Chord (CGBE) (September 2013) for glockenspiel, viola, electric guitar and piano
Untitled (vine) (October 2013) for viola, guitar, bass guitar and piano
Untitled (hanging) (November 2013) for glockenspiel, guitar and piano
Veni Veni Immanuel 5 (November 2013) for clarinet, glockenspiel, 2 violins, cello and double bass

Anima Christi (September 2012) for soprano, violin and cello
Veni Veni Immanuel 4 (November 2012) for cl, asax, tpt, tbn, 2 vln, vlc & db

Twelve clash on the last day (October 2011) for 12 performers on cymbals or metal objects
Veni Veni Immanuel 3 (November 2011) for 6 performers on any sustaining instrument or voice

There was silence in heaven (June 2010) for unaccompanied SATB choir. Text: Antiphon for St Michael
We sing to the wakeful ones (June 2010) for unaccompanied SATB choir. Text: David Barnes (2010)
Anne & Angus’s Wedding Radio Hour (July 2010) for 4 performers on 5 audio cassette players
Veni Veni Immanuel 2 (November 2010) for piano, accordion, 2 violins and cello

Erin’s round (Raise your glasses!) (March 2009) in 4 parts
Eine kleine verr├╝cktscheissehochzeitmusik (April 2008) for 4 performers (voices, percussion, synthesiser)
Bad number poems (June 2008) for 3 performers (recitation and actions)
Veni Veni Immanuel 1 (November 2008) for any number of performers on melodic instruments
25p* (for Ping* Henningham) (May 2007) Any number of instruments / voices
Eine kleine Hochzeitmusik (June 2007) fl, cl, asax, tpt, perc, pf, org, bgtr, vln, vlc
40 notes for Sue McGowan (June 2007) Any number of instruments / voices
Fake campanology (December 2007) for 8 performers on desk bells and piano
Two seraphs (1995 revised 2007) for ssax, asax and percussion
There’s a hole in my bottle! (Sep 2006) for 7 performers on bottles and other objects/tools
50 notes for Steve McGowan (May 2006) Any number of instruments / voices
Psalm 90 (2005) for voices and percussion
Sub-traction (May 2002) for oboe, clarinet, cello and live electronics

Spin (August 1998) for solo cello
A chasing after the wind (1998) for flute, clarinet, piano, percussion, violin and cello
Quartet (November 1997) for 2 trumpets and 2 trombones
Play (Nov 1997) for 2 pianos
al niente (October 1996) for solo piano
Duo (October 1996) for viola and cello
Two seraphs (September1995) for horn, tenor trombone and percussion
Vapours (1995) for 3 flutes
Scarlet (1995) for SSAA choir
Movement (1994) for 4 double basses
Two Short Pieces (1994) for piano
Prelude and Fugue for String Quartet (1993)
Collage (1993) for fl(p) vln.vla.db
Couleurs (1991) for solo piano
Chant d’automne (1991) for contralto and piano. Poem by Paul Verlaine
Miniature (1990) for flute, violin, viola, cello and piano

Theme and Variations on ‘The Ash Grove’ (1989) for string quartet
Sonata in C minor (1987) for piano