Dead Symphony

Saskia Moore : Dead Symphony : Apartment House

Sound is understood to be the last sense present moments before death. Australian artist Saskia Moore has collected the actual music and sounds people heard while having a near death experience. Together with internationally renowned ensemble Apartment House, she has transcribed these ‘miniature symphonies’, creating a larger work called Dead Symphony, for voice, cello, harp, marimba, keyboards and electronics. Moore describes her work as 'documentary art' and has spent the past two years researching near-death experiences and meeting academics and scientists.

Turner Contemporary
Rendezvous, Margate, Kent CT9 1HG
Sat 6 July 2013
Performances: 4pm & 6pm
Talk: 5pm £6 / £5 concessions

Arts Centre Melbourne
Playhouse Rehearsal Room
100 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne VIC 3004
7-9 August: 7pm & 9pm
10 August: 5pm, 7pm & 9pm
Tickets: $38

Running time: 40 mins